Progress is not made without persistent effort, ignoring setbacks.

We are lucky that campaigning in England is not life threatening but not campaigning could be.

Zena Bullmore MBE


The Local NHS have proposed to move some of our local services to  St Albans. Hemel Hospital site will be left with a very small area, with other services being spread across Dacorum. Watford will be redeveloped over 10 years meaning that the hospital will be a building site. Help us fight for a New Centralised Hospital for West Herts and to keep our services at Hemel.

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The local NHS is in turmoil.  Not only do we face the prospect of Watford Hospital being a building site for the next 13 years and most or all of the Hemel Hospital site being sold off but we are now facing cuts in services that amount to rationing.

Most painful of all is the fact that couples struggling to start a family will no longer be able to get IVF on the NHS.  This will also apply to specialist fertility treatments.  This is a very cruel cut which hopefully will be reversed if we shout loud enough!

As well as cutting fertility services OTHER CUTS INCLUDE:

•Not being referred for operations such as hip replacement surgery, If you smoke or are overweight (BMI 25 to 29.9) or obese (BMI above 30). The board papers say not until you have made improvements to your health by stopping smoking for 8 weeks before an operation and reaching a BMI of less than 25.  For a routine referral you will have to suffer moderate to severe persistent pain, have limited movement that affects your quality of life and radiographic evidence of joint damage.

•Routine prescriptions of medicines and products that can be bought over the counter without prescription will no longer be available. We do not know what that will mean.  They say Paracetamol and no-one would disagree with that but what else and at what cost to the patient?  To find out complete their survey, details below.

•Restricting the prescription of gluten-free foods

•Stopping vasectomies and female sterilisation on the NHS.  Interestingly this only affects Herts Valleys CCG ie not E&N Herts .  This could cost more in the long run rather than less if as a result there are more unplanned pregnancies!

Please complete the CCG survey on these cuts at healthierfuture.org.nhsletstal

Hemel Hempstead downgrade to be made permanent: The reaction and the background

A service which was supposed to replace A&E at Hemel Hospital will have its hours cut permanently tomorrow. When the town’s A&E department was closed in 2009 it was replaced by an Urgent Care Centre (UCC), which was meant to replicate many of the services whilst being open 24/7.


4th May 2018

Sir Mike Penning tables Parliamentary Motion calling for new acute hospital for west Hertfordshire

NHC Response to Sir Mike Penning's press release about his Commons motion




The New Hospital Campaign completely supports Sir Mike Penning's motion (attached).  However we want to make clear that when Mike says it's his "gut feeling" that redeveloping the Vicarage Road site as our main hospital will cost alot more and take more time than starting afresh, that's not just a matter of gut feeling.  We have submitted a very detailed report and analysis by a construction expert who has vast knowledge and expertise, Robert Scott, which proves exactly that beyond a shadow of a doubt.  It would also be extremely risky to go down that path rather than building a brand new central hospital at much lower cost, more quickly and giving a far better result.  Maintaining patient safety and quality care during the long building period would be very challenging and who knows what nasties would be discovered in the ground along the way?

Also with the health bodies apparently determined to remove locally-based urgent care provision at night from the most populous and fastest-growing districts in Hertfordshire, so that people needing such care during 10 hours of every 24 have to find their way to Watford, we are moving to "further away from home" not "closer to home" as we are always told in the mantra.  We must have a more accessible main base.

We urge everyone to sign the petition initiated by St. Albans resident Andrew Love which now has less than two weeks to run: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/202644

Unanimous Vote                        

Dacorum Borough Council voted unanimously to keep the Urgent Care Services open 24/7 at their full council meeting on 18/04/18.  The Dacorum Hospital Action Group are delighted with the support of the Council for recognising the need for a rapidly expanding Borough to have good health services. Cllr Fiona Guest said they were speaking for the local community and that the promise made to replace our A&E with a 24/7 emergency service with GP cover should be honoured.  The leader of the council Cllr Andrew Williams spoke strongly saying he wanted the best health provision for Dacorum.  Cllr England said that Dacorum was "under-served with diluted services and more and more housing.

A big thank you to eveybody who attended the Public Meeting on 22nd March at the Forum Hemel Hempstead. Fantastic support and very positive feedback. below are the slides from the evening if you have any questions, comments or feedback pleae let us know

The petition is now closed; we had a staggering 10,493 signatures, Thank you to everyone involved.