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The New Hospital Campaign supported by Dacorum Hospital Action Group (DHAG) and Dacorum Patients Group (DPG).


For a New Hospital for the whole of West Hertfordshire.


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It has to be the ongoing efforts over West Herts Hospitals.

Over the last 12 months campaigners have been demanding a brand new hospital for the area, whilst health bosses have pressed on with their preferred plans to re-develop Watford Hospital – an option which could take up to a decade.

While there were a number of public meetings, and other efforts, residents have been keen to stress that their calls have not been limited to Dacorum - with a parallel petition starting in St Albans calling for a new West Herts hospital to be built on green belt land.

Hemel MP Mike Penning went so far as to call for the hospitals trust chief executive to resign her role.

And one thing seems certain: The hospital story will continue to claim headlines in 2018



In a very detailed report, a high level construction expert Robert Scott shows that building a new hospital on a new central site would be far quicker and would cost much less than trying to rebuild or redevelop on the Vicarage Road site.


Redeveloping at Watford over 10 or more years, as the Hospital Trust want to do, would be extremely complex and the risk of cost overruns and disruption of hospital services as new problems are discovered would be exceptionally high, according to Robert’s report. He regards the Trust’s plans as not viable.


He has now done some further work based on guidance from HM Treasury and has concluded that the total saving for a new hospital compared with the Trust’s plan would amount to at least £220million, which he considers a conservative estimate of the savings that could be achieved.


Robert has had many years’ experience at senior levels, including managing director, in major construction companies and has been involved in several NHS projects. Full details of his background are at the start of the report.


We have presented the report to local and national NHS bodies who must take it seriously – we are awaiting responses. You can read it here and tell us what you think.




Did you go to one of the local consultation events held by the Crown Estate? They have a big block of land extending from near Redbourn to Leverstock Green and are asking the public for their suggestions. There would be lots of space for a new hospital which could be built near Junction 8 of the M1. The idea is supported by MPs Mike Penning (Hemel Hempstead) and Anne Main (St. Albans) - see the article. BUT we were told that the NHS have made no request for any of this land though many people have raised the issue. Full details can be seen at If you agree that this is a site worth pursuing for a new acute hospital to replace hard-to-reach and crumbling Watford General please write to the chief executive of Herts Valleys CCG:



The West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust (WHHT) have put out a statement and emailed certain stakeholders about it (see below) following the growing support that we are receiving for our campaign for a new hospital on a central site in West Hertfordshire, but their statement is full of misleading claims. They are merely referring back to the document that they published in February (Strategic Outline Case) which our construction expert Robert Scott has shown to be badly flawed and they have not addressed any of the many issues within it.


They are still saying that their Watford and St Albans redevelopment plan will be cheaper whilst our expert’s report demonstrates that it is likely to cost £220Million more than a superior new build scheme on a new site. And do they seriously consider that it would take longer to deliver a brand new hospital than their own scheme that they have scheduled to complete in 2029/30, 13 years from now?


Here are some of the reasons the WHHT statement is seriously misleading:



Click on the Below Letter to see our full response

Public Meeting - Hemel Hempstead

A big thank you to eveybody who attended the Public Meeting on 22nd March at the Forum Hemel Hempstead. Fantastic support and very positive feedback. below are the slides from the evening if you have any questions, comments or feedback pleae let us know



The New Hospital Campaign Wins Support of the Public


At a packed public meeting in Berkhamsted’s Civic Centre on Friday the aims of the New Hospital Campaign were overwhelmingly backed. The Campaign is supported by the Dacorum Patients’ Group (DPG) and the Dacorum Hospital Action Group (DHAG) and the meeting was its public launch. Everyone who completed a feedback form - agreed that a new efficient General Hospital should be provided on a centrally located site. The health bosses’ plan to spend large amounts of money trying to develop the present inaccessible and inefficient facility at Watford, next door to the Premier League football ground, was decisively rejected.


Introducing the meeting, Graham Cartmell pointed out that even though they had identified a possible site for a new hospital at Kings Langley, the health chiefs had not engaged in any serious public consultation about it. “Our voice should be heard” he said.


In a detailed presentation, health planning expert Gordon Yearwood maintained that, whatever the health bosses’ figures show, it would cost a lot more to redevelop the Vicarage Road hospital because of its very inefficient layout than to build a new hospital on a greenfield site. “They can pay consultants to prove anything” he said.


The meeting also heard from Berkhamsted town councilor Freda Earl regarding the closure of Gossoms End and DHAG Vice Chair Edie Glatter on the future of Hemel Hempstead Hospital. Those attending gave massive support to reopening 20 intermediate care beds at Gossoms End and for Hemel Hospital to keep all its present services and be expanded to include new community services.