Shocking hygiene rating for Watford General Hospital

Watford General Hospital was given a shockingly low score of 1 out of 5 at a recent environmental health inspection of it’s catering facilities.  Considering that the hospital is feeding very vulnerable people it is particularly disturbing and could be putting patients particularly at risk.

We should expect hospitals, Care Homes and schools to get a rating of 5.  This is not acceptable.  Many eating places routinely achieve a 5 rating.  The report dates back to November and is available here.

A business can be given one of these hygiene ratings:

  1. urgent improvement is required
  2. major improvement is necessary
  3. some improvement is necessary
  4. hygiene standards are generally satisfactory
  5. hygiene standards are good
  6. hygiene standards are very good

UPDATE Here’s an article published in the Hemel Gazette & Express dated 5th February 2020.