West Herts Hospitals Trust has been lagging behind  the rest of the English NHS when it comes to elective Рplanned Рtreatment.

A recent Health Service Journal article pointed out that the Trust is way behind its target to do more elective work. The targets have been set by the NHS to push trusts into recovering from the backlog of work caused by Covid.

But West Herts is far off the national pace. In early 2022-23 it only managed to do 77 per cent of the pre-pandemic level of elective work, and has been told to increase this to 103 per cent.

This poor performance puts it well behind other local trusts, such as Bedfordshire including Luton and Dunstable, which is achieving 95 per cent of the pre-pandemic figure, and East and North Herts (including Lister) which is recovering well to achieve 110 percent.

And the many years of construction work planned by the Trust on the site of Watford General (and St Albans City) will probably deter people from choosing W Herts. The result will be financial pain for our Trust as patients vote with their feet to avoid our building site hospitals.

Photo: Clay Banks on Unsplash